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    Renewal of subscription


      I renewed my annual subscription, verified my e-mail, etc.  Each time I turn on my PC, I receive the message that McAfee wants to update the program.  When I click on granting access, nothing is updated.  I also noticed the blue and yellow "shield" emblem is present on top of the McAfee shield on my task bar.  I have run all the latest scans and updates. 

      Any idea as to why this might be happening?  It is a first for a long time user of the security suite




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          Blue and yellow shield  got a pic?

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            Hi neil1125,


            I need to know the following ?


            What  is the version of McAfee you are running on the PC ?  [Open McAfee -> Click on about at the top right corner of the McAfee page to get the versions]

            What is your Operating system ? Windows XP/Vista/7/8


            Did you run the below McAfee Virtual Technician to repair the McAfee? If not please do




            Install and Run it on your Machine


            Please update me

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              Hello and thanks for your response to my question.  Yes, I did load the Virtual Technician and it found a registry error and stated that it fixed it.  It seems as if all of my security programs are workking, but each time I boot up my PC, I am asked if I want McAfee to update my hard drive. If I click on yes, or no, nothing happens and my protection status does not change.  Another thing I have noticed is that the Microsoft updates "shield" icon is along side of the McAfee M "shield" on my icon tray. 

              I am running McAafee 11.6

              I am running Mircosoft Windows 7 version 


              Thanks again


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                Thanks for the response, please update me the below versions and also update me the screen shot of the update message to identify the issue clearly. I am wondering this can also be a Microsoft message


                McAfee Security Center:

                McAfee Virus Scan:

                DAT version:

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                  Per your recent request here are the verion numbers you asked for


                  McAfee security center version 11.6

                  McAfee virus scan version 15.6

                  DAT version 6941.0000

                  I have donloaded all of the MSFT updates they recommend.  The issues still remains on PC boot up, McAfee continues to prompt me to allow it to update my hard drive. Normally when I do that it will begin to download an update.  Now, it does nothing.



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                    Thanks for the versions, have you got the screen shot ?