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    How to configure backup of EPO 4.6?


      We have EPO 4.6 and it is using the SQL Express 2005 database that comes bundled with the installation files McAfee provides.

      Is there a way to set up a daily or weekly database backup or can we simply add certain file directories to a scheduled Windows backup job without problems of open files being locked and failing to get backed up?

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          Hi web1b,


          Check out the following two KBs. They may provide the answers you seek, but if not let us know!


          KB67184 Recommended maintenance plan for ePO 4.x database using SQL Server Management Studio

          KB66616 ePO 4.5 and 4.6 server backup and disaster recovery procedure

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            KB66616 is the one you want. Backup of the DB alone will NOT allow a successful restore.

            The article must be followed to the letter, if only part of the listed data is backed up then restore will be compromised.


            You'll be pleased to know that when it becomes available ePO 5.0 integrates backup procedure in a much easier (and configurable way).