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    Syntax to add VSE exclusions in EPO 4.6?


      %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory     (Can you use system variables instead of C:\windows?)

      %systemroot%\sysvol\staging\             (Do you need to add the \ at the end of a path?)

      %systemroot%\sysvol\staging areas  (Do you need to put quotes around paths with spaces?)


      What does "Exclude subfolders" mean?  Does it mean exclude the subfolders from this manually-created list of exlcusion or does it mean exclude from scanning?




      on 12/29/12 12:53:27 PM CST
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          Yes you can use Environment variables check out KB50998

          Yes you have to added the trailing slash for it to be considered as directory otherwise it is considered a file. (Per page 49 of the Virus Scan 8.8 Product Guide)


          If I remember correctly the "Exclude subfolders" means that all folders located in the directory will use the same scan settings as the parent directory specified.


          So If I exclude Root_Folder from being scanned on read and I check "Exclude subfolders" then Root_Folder\SubFolder1 will be excluded from scanning on read as well. 




          I am not sure about putting in a folder with double quotes (") around a path that contains a space.