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    McAfee System Tray Icon








      After starting the computer, the tray icon loads first. (Right Side) After leaving the computer running for a few hours the tray icon moves to the far left. Not sure if this is a hacker attack or is it normal? It never behaved like this before.

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          I see this behaviour too. Look in the Event logs and you'll probably see that at some point mcshield shuts down and restarts (often after an auto-update. I see it not long after logon). That's what seems to trigger the icon shift.

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            I use Diskeeper 2011 and I can see the logs in the list. Maybe I need to exclude something from defragging?

            I can update then restart the machine and it still does it. Not sure what it is.

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              SWAG: check Quick Launch, McAfee might be included.

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                Seems like this is an issue that the developers should fix.

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                  OMG, I’d better clarify just in case someone tries looking it up generically on the Internet!    SWAG in tech circles stands for Scientific Wild A*ss Guess.


                  It’s simply a user option that may have been modified sometime in the past.


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                    Hi baltbullet1,


                    My system: Windows XP Pro, SP3


                    I have been running McAfee AntiVirus Plus since November, 2009.  For the first year or so, the icon in the system tray stayed put, on the extreme right of the tray, next to the clock.


                    For the last couple of years (leaving aside a problem that has arisen since McAfee’s major update of mid-December - more on this in the next paragraph), it has been moving around.  As before, it loads near the extreme right of the tray, but, about 12 hours later, it disappears momentarily, to then reappear on the extreme left of the tray.  I do not know the reason for this, but, as suggested by Moderator Hayton, I assume that it has something to do with the required restart of some process or other because of an auto-update.  Fair enough.


                    Now, for the unhappy part of this posting.  Since the major update of mid-December, the icon behaves exactly as described in the previous paragraph, except that, when it disappears from the right side of the system tray, it does not reappear on the left side.  It is gone for good.  If I then start up McAfee from the All Programs listing, the icon immediately reappears (on the left side of the tray), and stays there for another 12 hours or so.


                    On examining the processes in Task Manager, it becomes readily apparent that the icon is tied to McUICnt.exe (which, according to various sources, is the process responsible for the McAfee user interface).  Said another way, when the icon is visible, McUICnt.exe is running in the Task Manager, but when the icon is not visible, McUICnt.exe is no longer running in the Task Manager.


                    I’m assuming that there is a bug in the McAfee update of mid-December which, although it does not interfere with the shutting down of McUICnt.exe in the usual manner after an auto update, causes the restart of McUICnt.exe to fail.


                    I’m wondering if you’ve noticed a similar problem?


                    Many thanks for your help.

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                      I am not seeing this ever happening though I am on 12.1 beta and wonder what version are you using 11.6 by chance? Once we find that out  we will investigate further. My tray icon has been far left of the system tray since day 1 of version 12 at least 12 mths ago.

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                        Hi Peacekeeper,


                        > what version are you using 11.6 by chance?


                        No.  The specifics are as follows:


                        McAfee SecurityCenter:
                        - Version: 12.1
                        - Build: 12.1.253
                        - Last update:12/16/2012


                        McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware:
                        - Version: 16.1
                        - Build: 16.1.144
                        - Last Update: 12/28/2012
                        - Engine version: 1389.0
                        - Engine creation date: 12/28/2012


                        The problem with the disappearing icon started immediately after the major update of December 16, 2012 (for about two years prior to this, the icon had been moving around from the right to the left side of the system tray…but I could live with that).  The disappearing icon is considerably more serious.


                        Many thanks for the help.

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                          hmm will check my wife's retail version my beta is at 12.1.279


                          Ok hers is on 12.1.253 so will monitor the icon over the next 2 days.


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