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    Please help - McAfee firewall blocking LAN access




      I have recently upgraded my router(G to N), and as a result some of my PCs cannot share folders I used to be able to.


      I have four computers on the LAN(wired or wireless), and two computers are equipped with McAfee program(let's call them A, and B). I noticed after I upgraded the router I can only access files(shared on the network) from A and B, but not the other way around, i.e. I can see from my network that A and B are on my network, but if I click the shared folder (from PCs other than A and B) on A and B, I got a error saying the path is not accessible. If I turn off my McAfee firewall, then it works just fine. I am sure there is some way to config it so that I can access it freely without turn off the firewall compeletely, but couldn't solve it after half day google/test.


      P.S. I set both of them(A and B) as trusted from McAfee.


      Please help. Thanks!


      PC profile


      A: Windows XP home desktop;

      B: Windows XP professional laptop;

      others are both Win 7 home premium


      new router is Linksys E4200


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          I trust that these computers are XP SP3 and have IE8 installed and totally up to date?   The Win 7 one should be SP1 with IE9 installed.   Whether or not you use IE is irrelevant as many processes do, including McAfee so may as well make sure.


          I'm assuming you've already tried right-clicking the network icon by the clock and selected Diagnose and Repair, or whatever (varies by system)?


          In Device Manager is the Network Adapter up and running?


          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Web and Email Protection

          Click Firewall

          Click 'Restore Defaults' and close it.


          See if that helps.


          Sorry to take so long to answer you but I was hoping a technician would step in here as they are more knowledgeable that I.


          They are available by phone should you need them and it's free of charge.  See the link for Technical Support under Useful Links at top of this page.

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            Thanks for reply.


            It worked. I was playing with all the "advanced" settings, and surprisingly this most simply way just works like a charm. After I reset it back to default, a window poped up asking me to confirm it is a home network. Then it just woked!!!


            Thank you again!

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              Glad you are OK.   All the best.  ;-)