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    Win 7 x64 Sidebar Stops Working / IE9 asks for Javascript to be Enabled

      Hi Folks,


      I recently performed a Window 7 Patch Update there the system loads patches and is supposed to reboot.

      The patches loaded and it totally froze.

      The only remedy was to force a hardware reboot.


      When the system came back up, I noticed that the SideBar Gadgets now had no content and the clock was Black.


      Other forums stated that this might be a windows security issue.

      I tried all security settings in IE with no success.


      I then thought it might be a Mcafee issue, and brought the app up.

      The app window loaded with a black white box.


      There was no way to remove Mcafee thanks to the fact that the native UI is loaded from Control Panel, Remove programs.

      ( This brought up another Mcafee empty white box )


      I tried a recovery point prior to the patches with no success.


      Another limitation was the fact that the Mcafee support site did not work in IE9 while in this state. The popups would all ask for Javascript to be enabled.


      The only fix was the following.


      1) Load Opera or your favorite competitive browser

      2) Goto the Mcafee directions for Software Removal

           ( https://community.mcafee.com/message/100695 )

      3) Remove Mcafee with this tool, the Side bar and IE9 will now function properly

      4) Reload Mcafee and you`re Done !



      It`s that easy,

      Good Luck !