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    Upgrading old systems to HIPS 7 - Need to remove Entercept

      OK, so I'm hoping some of you folks who have been around McAfee products for a while longer than I have can help me out here. It's looking like I'm stuck in a tight spot.

      We have far too many machines with Entercept 5.1 (v45.60) installed, that need to be upgraded to HIPS 7 Patch 5.

      We are developing an SMS package to accomplish this goal. We want this package to remove any legacy versions of Entercept/HIPS, and then install HIPS 7 Patch 5.

      We are struggling to find a way to remove Entercept in this manner (or nearly any manner, for that matter - but scripted is what we are concerned with).

      Does anyone have experience with scripted installs/removal of Entercept and/or HIPS that can offer any insight into this problem?

      Thanks.. :confused: