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    MAC Security Questions - scan logs


      We are running MAC Security, version 9.0.0.Patch 1 (4156) within an ePO environment (HBSS) and I have two questions;


      First, After installing this on OSX 10.7.5 (7 systems within our netwrk) we notice that a window pops up every few minutes asking for the Admin Password. How do we stop this from occurring?


      Second, we need to access scan logs after an incident, but I see nothing in the McAfee manual regarding how to get these, actually no reference at all so we do not know if they even exist. The MS version at least shows the results of the scan in Activity Window when scanning, but OSX Security for MAC shows nothing. This is an issue for us because we have a strict requirment for a report when an incident occurrs in order for the system to get back online.


      Is one available or is there a switch/config file where I can turn a report function/log on?




      John C.