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    Uninstall HIPS using InsFireTdi.exe

      Dear All,

      I install manually McAfee HIPS on XP sp3 without problem.

      Everybody well knows the difficulties to unstall it.

      It seems to have several solution to do that.
      - Directly from EPO (but for an manual uninstall, is not the solution)
      - By unlock interface then disable IPS/NIPS then uninstall from add/remove program or by msi command
      - using clientcontrol.exe, with 'clientcontrol.exe /stop <password>' to stop HIPS then you can uninstall it from add/remove program or by msi command

      But i discover recently a new possibility :
      At the same foler where clientcontrol is copied, an other tool is copied too :
      InsFireTdi.exe. When you execute it, McAfeeHIPS is completly remove without define password (a good news !!) but I don't find any information about this tool. Someone know exactly what this tool do ?

      thanks in advance for your help,

      Best regards