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    I think Mcafee is causing my RAM and CPU to peak at 90%

      I am using Mcafee Total Protection and when I leave my computer on for a while (maybe 1-2 days) and the CPU peaks at 100%, Mcafee is using 200 threads, RAM is almost maxed out (12GB out of 14GB). This causes the computer to freeze and not respond to ANYTHING. It's so laggy, even the Task Manager takes forever to refresh (30sec). Additionally, opening the folder "My Computer" also takes about 50 seconds to load. Please help. Is Mcafee experiencing a memory leak? It is NOT my computer's performance that's the problem, believe me. I own a very powerful PC with 2 Intel Xeons. So what IS the problem??? Maybe it's a program conflicting with Mcafee. But I don't have ANYTHING running in the background except Air Video (which I leave off most of the time) and AMD Catalyst. Please, anyone help! I'm sick of having to unplug the computer to turn it off (and lose all data of whatever I was doing)!!

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          It shouldn't be happening and a lot would depend on what else is running on your machine, plus whether or not your computer is absolutely up to date in all aspects (including IE and its add-ons if you use another browser - McAfee utilizes IE for display purposes).   You say you leave the machine on for several days.  Then what do you do?   Shut (power) it down completely or put it in hibernation/standby mode?    That can eventually lead to trouble because Windows never gets a chance to do behind the scenes maintenance like ditching tenmp files etc.

          I can only suggest things, such as never keep emails stored in Inboxes, that causes any antivirus to scan constantly.  Check for malware, try Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both linked in my signature below (last link).    Keep everything up to date as stated previously.


          Technical Support are best equipped to troubleshoot this sort of thing, but make sure you're free of malware and up to date first.


          It's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Thanks for the fast reply!


            I sometimes wait for my 3dsmax images to render (uses a lot of resources, but acceptable) and I also encode videos frequently. When I am done, I'm usually outside, so I can't turn it off. But those programs exit themselves after they are done! Also, I run no addons of ANY sort because I like to keep my PC clean. For some reason, everything's back to normal when I restart the computer. Oh, and I check e-mail only with my browser rather than from programs on my PC.


            So are you suggesting I should contact Technical Support about this? Or maybe I should run Virtual Technician...


            One more thing: Is there a way to record CPU and RAM usages via a program? I love Mcafee and I only think the problem is Mcafee coz of the high RAM and CPU mcshield.exe uses compared to other processes.

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              Googling "software to monitor CPU and RAM usage" (minus the "") got quite a few hits so I assume there is such software.


              Yes you could try the MVT http://mvt.mcafee.com/


              Also you could the more drastic experiment of uninstalling all McAfee software via Control Panel > Programs, run the MCPR cleanup tool, also listed under Useful Links, reboot and then reinstall from your online account.


              Other things to check, that whatever software you are running has the appropriate permission in Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs, where you could try using the Edit button to turn on or off Netguard for those programmes, which could help.


              Hint:  When you are in that section you can rearrange the list alphabetically by clicking 'Program' at the top.

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                I found the problem. The program I use (Air Video) apparently didn't exit itsenf when finished and kept running in the background continuously. I found out after whatching my computer for 2 days with Resource monitor, Task manager, etc. running on the desktop. -.-


                Anyway, I'm so happy Mcafee was not the problem. I always favored Mcafee, and I can keep on doing so.

                Thanks for the awesome tips! Have a happy New year!



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                  That's interesting and good to know.  Glad you solved the problem.