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    FileOpen compatible with EEPC 6?

      Hi, we have eepc 6.1.3 deployed worldwid in my organization and assess now if there are any incompatability/known issues between eepc 6 and FileOpen Acrobat plug-in (http://plugin.fileopen.com/all.aspx). It seems that the FileOpen plug-in operates at file level, i.e. not at sector level. I had tried to open successfuly an encrypted with FileOpen pdf file from my eepc PC with no issues but still not yet fully confident.

      should I consider anything in addition (more than that the fileopen plug-in works at file level) so that I got confident in that there would not be any incompatability issues btween EEPC 6 and FileOpen Acrobat plug-in*.


      * - FileOpen Acrobat plug-in is installed on a client PC which have Acrobat reader installed on and is used to open encrypted by a publisher a pdf file (after successful authentication b/n the client plug-in and the publisher encryption server over an Internet connection).