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    If I Shut Down Computer for McAfee Update, Windows Cannot Start.

      I have been working with this for quite a few days now. McAfee did the typical update a few days ago. I told it to restart now, thinking it would come on and all would be good, only to have no windows when computer started back up. Now when I start it up, I get a check disk thing checking for errors. It runs that, then says it cannot repair my machine. I then cancel it so it doesn't shut down the computer and sometimes I get to the screen where I can restore it to an earlier date. I had to shut off auto window updates because it kept shutting my computer down to upload updates. I constantly am having to figure out how to get it up and running again. Yesterday, It took me 4 hours to get it back working. Once I get it to restore to an earlier date, it's good till it gets shut down. Then back to the same stuff again. I did not have this problem until this last McAfee update. I think I am running version 11.1.434.0 right now. I am also using it on a desktop with vista. My laptop also had the same problem once, it's wireless. Son just hit cancel and at this time, it still is running windows. The desktop, the one I am having problems with is not wireless. Please help me with this problem if you can. I contacted McAfee online chat but got disconnected when the person working on computer had it shut down.  I am new to McAfee. I just got it as a virus protection with Time Warner's Roadrunner. Right now I am wondering if I made a mistake giving up my old virus protection. Just frustrated.


      Thanks for any help.



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          If you need anymore info on my machine. It's a HP, I run windows vista home premium. Service pack 2. It is up to date on all windows updates but the last one that I can't do because I keep having to set the restore date back beyond the update.  I have a 32 bit operating system. I hope that is all you need to be able to help me figure this out.


          Thanks again,



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            By windows not starting does it give any message?


            Also try starting in safe mode can you? If you can update all your drivers especially network and wireless drivers and reboot.


            Re chat far better to call them that to chat online if you can do it.


            BTW I assume you mean 11.6.434 is that correct?

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              Yesterday, a miracle happened. I was having to do the same stuff, I did go into safe mode a bit if I could not get my system restore to an earlier date to work. The miracle was, while I was out shoveling the 6 inches of snow off my driveway, the computer restarted due to a window update that caused it to restart, and windows came up. When I came in after shoveling for 3.5 hours, I could tell my computer had restarted because it had the weather bug on top of windows. Everything is working like it should now. McAfee is updated and windows are updated. I have no idea what happened other than wondering if McAfee pulled the update off the market. I could see where many were having the same problem as I was and there was no easy solution.


              Thanks for trying to help me out. For now this case is closed unless it pops back up.


              Barb Ross

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                You can in the windows update page see what it updated. Re Mcafee our contacts are away this week so we cannot confirm or deny a change to the mcafee program but glad you are now back online.

                Have a happy new year

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                  Well, it was just my luck that McAfee sent another update through last night. When my computer got turned off for the night, it uploaded the update and screwed my computer up really good. Last time I could go to restore points and restore my computer before the update was added, this time I can only get to a page that is called startup repair. It says it cannot repair my computer. Tried using the F8 to get into safe mode, it won't do it, only goes to start up repair. I have no error messages coming from trying to turn on computer, I only get again the startup repair window.  Before, I got the blank medium blue window that comes on right before windows would load. This time, I can't even get that.

                  When I go to review advanced options for system recovery on the startup repair page, it gives me the options to do a System Restore from an earlier point in time, but when I try, it says there are not any. Before there was one for every day. Then it has Windows Complete PC Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, the Command Prompt and Recovery Manager. When I called McAfee telephone support, first thing they comment on is this update problem. It is a bigger problem than they are aware of. They think I can just click on F8, then go to directory restore , then check on the McAfee icon to see about updating it.  I know McAfee is free with my subscription for online service through roadrunner, but I am ready to pay for something better at this point. First, I got to get my computer to run again. I may have to buy a new one.

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                    Firsty mcafee as far as I understand does not update when you shut down the update applies when your Pc is turned on and you usually get a popup saying Mcafee updated and if a big update says please resarty.. If you shut down during a Mcfee update it may trash the Mcafee install if you are unlucky but is windows is updating and you shut down that is not good.

                    When my computer got turned off for the night, it uploaded the update

                    How do you know it was mcfaee's or did it previously say please restart and this was the first shutdown /restart since then?


                    I will escalate this to a high level tech we talk to and see if he can assist. Did Mcafee give you an SR number when you called if so post it here please.

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                      Can you check you have any program called 360 in the control panel, please confirm and also check for other 3rd party applications.



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                        I called McAfee, they told me they could do nothing for me. To call my computer manufacture. The notice that there was an McAfee update appeared in the bottom corner of my desktop. It said I had to restart finish the update. That is the only thing that was done different to the computer that night. It had been working fine. Was able to turn it off and on with no problem. After the notice of needing to restart to complete the update, the computer went to only opening up the startup repair page. From there I could go to advanced pages and restore at a point if there had still been one there. Something happened to all my restore points. Then I could do a complete windows restore, command prompt, or recovery manager. I could get no help from anyone, so I did a recovery manager. It restored from a back up on my computer. I now have a computer with nothing much on it, including McAfee. I switched to another anti virus program. Thanks for all your help, but this was a real mess. When you phone McAfee and the first thing you hear is how to try and fix the latest problem with their update, that shows something is really wrong. It killed my computer. I would like to have kept it, but was afraid to. Also changes sons anti virus to another one. Thanks again.  that number they gave me was 1001884371

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                          Barb, you are absolutely right.  It is a Mcafee problem and let nobody tell you different.  What happens is that it does an upgrade, and prompts you to restart, which is normal for major upgrades.  BUT the computer hangs on the restart and you are forced to do a system restore.  This is annoying at best, and if you have no restart points like you say, it is likely disastrous.  I tried re-downloading Mcafee from my account homepage.  Works fine - till you go to restart the computer; exact same thing.

                          Mcafee is a decent company, but their tech support is notoriously bad.  I am currently running with their software disabled, hoping they are smart enough to fix it in a couple of weeks.  Same sort of thing happened a few months ago when their software disabled the internet for about 8 minutes after a reboot. They were in denial at first and finally fixed the issue. But it took 3 weeks.  Don't get a new computer. Restore from a CD if you can.  And either install a different anti-virus, or risk running without.  I'm sure they'll figure it out in a few weeks.  Basically  I like Mcafee, but for some reason they do not test updates properly, especially if you are running an OS like Vista which is not the most current.  But that is no excuse - they should do better.  But at this point you are wasting your time talking to them.  When the number of posts like this reaches dozens then they will finally take action.


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