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    HIPS: Unable to uninstall, modify policy, unlock UI

      I am hoping for a miracle...

      Here is my situation:

      I currently have McAfee Agent and HIPS 7 installed on one of my clustered Exchange servers. I noticed that my server never checked into the ePO server. I uninstalled/reinstalled the agent using the /force(un)install with no results.

      In the HIPS Activity Log, I see that the Firewall Policy is blocking incoming traffic from my ePO server. I tried unlocking the UI using the default password (abcde12345) but was unsuccessful. Without the UI password, I am unable to make appropriate changes to enable communication with the ePO server.

      Does anyone know of a way to reset the UI password on the local machine? Or does anyone know of a way to manually copy the policies from the ePO server to the local machine?

      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.