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    Multiple Subscriptions

      Its Christmas time and I'm getting another computer with McAfee pre-Installed with a 36 month subscription.  I currently have a subscription on my laptop that is good for another year.  My concerns are:


      1. will linking both subscriptions to the same email address cause problems? (i.e.: will the new pc's McAfee sync with the current active subscription and ignore the 36 month subscription that was bought)

      2. what if both the new pc and laptop have the same name?  I noticed on the my account page it had my subscription information and my laptop's name.  If, for example, I call both the new pc and laptop "xyz"; will this cause a problem?  Can I re-name the laptop to something else ("my-laptop" for example) and not negatively effect my current subscription?

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          Peter M

          It could cause problems and connect it to the old subscription for instance so perhaps register the new one under a different e-mail address.   Regarding the labeling - shouldn't be a problem but you can rename them in the account to something that's more easily identifiable perhaps?


          Both those questions, however, are best answered by Customer Service which is available free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.