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    My Mcafee anti virus plus cannot upate.

      I installed my Mcafee anti virus plus last week and I set automatic updates ON. However since i have installed the anti virus software there have not been any automatic updates and since a few days ago the software indicated that my computer is at risk not to software not updated and I try to update it manually. And after that it indicated that my programs are up to date but when I checked the 'about' it stated that my last update for all the items listed (Mcafee security center, Mcafee VirusScan etc) was on 15 December 2012 which was the date that I installed the software and it means that there's totally no updates on the software be it by automatically or manually and despite the indication after 'updating' the software that the programs are 'up to date' which is not the case.


      And then whenever I starts my computer or every 2 hours, it will prompt that my computer is at risk and the cycle continues. At first I thought that it was my wireless connection that affects the updating process and I used the LAN cable to link the modem directly to my PC but the problem persists. I would like to know how to solve this issue. Thank You.