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    Problem with uninstalling McAfee Internet Security

      Hello, i have McAfee for free trial with my Asus Ultrabook Windows 7 installation.

      It brings me alot of problems after i try to uninstall Mcafee when the free trial ends. It somehow brokes my gadgets to be transparrent and not working and after that i have my windows explorer not working properly and restarting when i use my right mouse key on any icon. Then i need to reinstall my Windows 7 because its totally broken and then it happens again. Today it happened again for the third time, after uninstalling the Mcafee but this time i managed to do system restore. I cant uninstall it properly to use some other antivirus software bacause it gonna broke my windows 7 again and again ! The reson is that i dont like Mcafee for sure now after these problems. Anyone else with the same situation? Any advises?