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    Windows PE 4.0 Offline Scanner!


      So I'm currently in the process of building an offline scanner for McAfee VSE using Windows PE 4.0. The driving force behind this is that I was told you could run EETech and then use a file manager to browse the files after a successful mount of an HD using EETech. This would save me substantial amounts of time for triaging malware and even recovering user data. While I have not personally tested the offline EE mounting, I figured even without that an offline scanner tool will be nice.


      • Uses Windows PE 4.0
      • Powershell script that auto updates DAT files
      • HTA Application for executing tools
      • A43 File Manager


      It still has a while to go before I'm comfortable releasing it.


      This disc will NOT include McAfee binaries or driver files. The disk is not likely to boot if you do not have these available. I will not be providing them. You will need to download them via your grant number.


      Keep an eye on my postings for an update.