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    Mcafee Mobile Security: Unregistering one of my tablets

      Hello, so I have been having this problem, see I tried to set up McAfee Mobile Security on my tablet and somehow wound up registering my tablet with a wrong account (this is a long and boring story so I'll spare you the details.).

      That is, one account has the licence () and the other has nothing but the trial, which is the one my device is registered to.

      Now, I tried to uninstall the app to set it up again, this time with the correct email account. But when I did, it told me my device had already been registered with a different email account and then tells me to use that email account.

      The error message I get when trying to register with the correct account is:


      "Sorry, but we're unable to register this device.

      This device was registered earlier with a different email

      address. Please use that McAfee Mobile Security account to

      register this device"


      But I wish to use the email account that has the licence.

      To sum it up.

      How do I unregister my device, in order to register it with another account?


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