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    Groupshield Filtermanagement




      1st question:

      Is it possible to create my own antispam rules with more options but sorting out sender & receiver?




      2nd question:

      how can I receive mails that were caught by defaultrules for no reason?



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          Antispam is only done on Mail determined to coming from outside your domain and is under Gateway Configuration - under that there is no option to create Spam Rules - I think you mean Content Rules though please correct me if wrong??


          From first JPG I think what you are looking at is your On Demand Scan configuration Creating a Sub Policy???

          Content Rules can be accessed/edited and created in the Shared Resources section.


          They can then be applied to or removed from your On Access Scanner Settings or On Demand Settings.


          Under each of the Scanner settings (On Access or On Demand) you can choose to apply the settings to one Policy - Master Policy (which applied by default to "Everyone" i.e. all mail) or create a sub policy based on smtp address or active directory group and apply a separe set of rules to that.

          e.g. in Share Resources you could create a Rule to look for the word "Tyrannosaurus" then e.g. in On Access Policy Settings create a Sub- Policy based on the "SMTP Address is "NOT" *@yourdomain.com" - which would mail any mail arriving (geting scanned by OnAccess) which is an SMTP address apart from your own then it will be checked for the word Tyrannosaurus.


          Chapter 10 of the Guide covers Policy Manager, the different Scanners and Filters and the Shared Resource Section.

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            From your second JPG it shows an item that was detected as having contravened one of the default rules -  S.e.x(Deutsch)


            The "Black X" over the item shows that it is a logged entry only - therefore there is nothing to release.

            When selecting a logged item the "Release" button does not become active.


            There could be 2 explanations of this :-

            1)  Whichever scanner did this was configured to REPLACE and LOG only.

            2)  You have MQM?? GSE will log only locally and send any quarantined item to McAfee Quarantine Manager (if configured and available)


            What version of Groupshield is this?? Do you have MQM??