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    HIPS Firewall Policy / Rules

      I tested HIPS on several selected machines.
      Tuned up rules and policy according to company's needs.

      Now, how can i apply the 'TUNED' Policy on these selested machines to all of my workstations in the network?

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          I'm not sure I understand where the problem is... It's just the same as e.g. VSE policies.

          In the ePO Console, in the System Tree, you select a Group (or just the entire "My Organisation") then in the right pane, you select "Policies" and you define your policies.

          As Product, you select Host IPS 7.x.x.x Firewall, and there you set your Firewall Rules and Firewall Options...

          All systems in the group will have the policy defined for that group - assuming you define specific policies for different groups.

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            Hi there.

            actually my specific prob is i configured the Firewall in a LEARN MODE on a test machine.
            then on that test machine a allowed and denied some applications that tried to go through the fw.

            now, when i looked at the HIPS agent, i can see my modifed fw rules.
            in epo hips fw rules policy i dont see my modified rules, still the defaults.

            i want to save the modified fw rules policy i created on this test machine and planning it to apply to the live environment.

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              As far as I know, there is (sadly) no way to do this "automatically"...
              I had to "copy" each rule individually