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    Mcafee startup x10!

      Hi guys,


      Been using mcafee for some years but i cant seem to figure this one out, if anyone can help it would be appreciated.


      I have just updated to windows 8 Pro x64 with a clean install and installed mcafee internet security suite with the latest updates. When i start windows and head to the desktop I find the mcafee icon looks "strange" almost crushed and the only way to solve it is to open the security suite.


      Upon opening the suite it says "Real time scanning is starting up" and then proceeds eventually (after about 30 seconds) to go green and "your computer is secure" The Icon will NOT revert to its normal shape unless i open the security suite.


      Also now i find that when i launch windows task manager i find TEN mcafee processes in the startup tab, as shown here:




      I have tried to reinstall Mcafee and also ran MVT with the same results. It seems the mcafee launchers grow in number with every reboot!


      Help! Thanks, Jay.


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          Peter M

          I've seen that happen and usually a simple restart of the system takes care of it.  From your piucture it would appear that the Update Launcher is failing to start properly.

          If not did you uninstall completely, i.e. via Control Panel and run the MCPR cleanup tool from Useful Links at the top of this page, then reboot, reinstall from the online account?  I'm not sure why it happens but you may wish to contact Technical Support if it recurs.  

          It's free and available also through Useful Links.

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            I have uninstalled using MCPR and removed all traces of Mcafee with a manual check of the system. Upon reinstalling it appeared to work fine only to then completely fail to launch upon restart. After two more restarts only then did it launch. I have no faith in this "security" product to protect my system and be reliable when booting into Windows.


            Honestly did Mcafee test this newest incarnation of the security suite?? I have been paying for this for more than 5 years and never have i seen a worse update. I thought after updating to Windows 8 that the problem would be fixed as i had similar issues under Windows 7 with this release, but actually it seems worse.


            So many on these forums complaining about 12.1 that i am suprised Mcafee have not announced a roll back.


            From a personal standpoint if these problems are not resolved i will not be re-subscribing to Mcafee when my subscription time is finished next year.




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              Peter M

              I would contact Technical Support directly.  It's free by phone or online chat and they can troubleshoot it directly.    At the weekend support staff are spread really thin in these forums.


              It's well-tested believe me and I have it working fine on every system from XP SP3 through to Windows 8.


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