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    HIPS P4 vs. MS Word


      Recently I've had more and more (about 2-3 per day) call me and complain about being unable to start MS Word...

      Since all problem stop after we uninstall HIPS P4 and reinstall HIPS with P3 it seems to me that the problem is "somewhere there"... but I still don't know where exactly to look.
      I have a workaround but no real solution... and I haven't learned a thing from this problem.

      Anyone has an idea ?

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          Have you checked the Activity Log contained in the HIPS client? Do you have Application Blocking turned on?

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            Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, App Blocking was on, but I still don't get it why on some (few) system Word gets blocked but not on all...
            Anyway, app blocking was the culprit as things seem to work for now. Another funny thing is most systems showing the problem had HIPS 7 Patch 4 installed(*). We removed HIPS and reinstalled with P3 and things work better... (*)

            I've temporarily disabled App Blocking but I'd like to understand more and be able to activate it and use it correctly... (more reading on my desk)


            (*) we've had nothing but problems since installing P4 !
            (*) now we also need to test P5 before deployment