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    Delete a list of computers




      Is it possible to delete/move a list of computers form the epoDirectory by using a textfile containing the to be deleted/moved computers?

      Like you can do via the "import systems" functionality in the epo directory.


      (We're using epo V4.5)




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          No you can not do it !


          But with ePO 4.6 and the McAfee API, you can easly build a script who delete systems from a text list.


          A good reason to update your ePO

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            There's always a way to do things in ePO.


            if the systems have something in common in the hostname then you can use a query to identify them and then run the delete from the results.


            With 4.6 you can use the API but since you are not running 4.6 i would recommend attempting the query route.



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              Sure you can!  Here's how I do it.


              1.) Make sure you have no duplicate systems.


              2.) Create a new folder in the system tree and call it dupes.


              3.) Import your list of systems to be deleted into the dupes folder.


              4.) run the duplicate system query and delete BOTH systems.


              5.) revisit the dupes folder.  Any systems remaining in there did NOT match a system currently in ePO and can be deleted.



              Hope this helps.