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    Hips 7.0 -Disabling Wireless Card When Wired

      Hi. New user here, looks like there is some great information in this forum. I think I'll stick around.

      A question if I may: Is there a way in Hips 7.0 to disable wireless network cards or block wireless traffic when connected to the wired Lan? In the firewall policy, we have our Basic Networking rules, followed by a 'Wired Lan' Connection Aware Group allowing all traffic, which is followed by a 'Wireless' Connection Aware Group. Isolate This Connection is selected on both CAG's, but when a laptop is connected to the wired Lan, the wireless card still tries to find a Wireless Access Point even though Wireless access should not be granted because the Wired CAG is below the Wired CAG in the rules set. The Hips 7.0 product guide (like Superman) says "YES WE HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO BLOCK THIS" but doesn't give specifics. Does someone have a direction they can point me in, in regards to providing a solution to this dilemma? Thanks in advance for your time.