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    Mcafee won't update!!!!!

      Yesterday I got a restart prompt after a mcafee update. When I restarted I was presented with the new interface layout version of mcafee (not quite sure what was wrong with the old one?).


      Anyway this morning it has updated itself and now I can't open security centre. If I click on the icon in the tray I get a pop up bubble saying "an update is being installed" "Please wait until the McAfee finishes the installation of your software." If I try and open it from the start menu nothing happens.


      It's been like that for two hours now. I've done a restart and I am able to open security centre but the proccess just repeats itself over again. I've tried doing a manual update from the decurity centre itself but it throws a pop up say it needs to close the interface to continue with the update.


      It's a windows xp machine. mcupdmgr.exe is running in task manager but it is not using any cpu.

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          Peter M

          It should complete after a few minutes however it may have somehow corrupted for whatever reason, perhaps the download link was broken.


          Try uninstalling everything via Control panel > Add or Remove Programs, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from your online account.


          That should take care of the problem.


          The new interface is to accomodate touch screens and in particular, Windows 8.


          This is Windows XP SP3  & fully updated I trust?   I also hope that you have IE8 installed as it's more secure.  Whether or not you use it, McAfee uses it.


          Can you confirm after all this is sorted out that you do in fact have the new interface please?  I ask because we were told that it wouldn't apply to XP.


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            Well it doesn't complete it also makes it impossible to shut down my computer when it happens. It just hangs on the "windows is shutting down" page. And I can definately confirm that I have the new interface page and the new 'about' tab which provides less information than the old 'about' tab did!


            Security centre returns to normal after rebooting but the same thing happens once it updates again.


            Yes it is windows XP SP3 fully updated and also IE8. I had to upgrade to that (IE8) about 5 weeks ago after Mcafee refused to update because it wasn't installed.


            If the only solution is the usual uninstall/reinstall process then I think the time has come for me to find another anti virus solution. As a paying customer of McAfee I'm so tired of these problems with updates that don't install properly or create new problems once they are installed. Worryingly It seems to be happening ever more frequently over the past 18 months, wasting copious ammounts of my time having to carry out re-installs in the process.

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              Peter M

              Sorry you've been having so many problems.  I'm only the messenger and can only advise.   It's up to you but Technical Support might be able to get things to work more smoothly.  It's free after all and available via phone or online chat, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

              Are you on a dial-up type of connection?  Normally I can uninstall, cleanup and reinstall within 20 minutes or so, no big deal.

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                I understand that you are only the messenger Ex_brit and I appreciate your input. I'm just so dissapointed with the McAfee problems over the last 18months. I've had the product since 2006 and it never used to go wrong at all.


                I'm on broadband but live in a rural area on a slow connection so downloading from scratch does take time. I just find it a complete pain having to do an uninstall/reinstall.


                I have just tried to do an update again, I have it set to download and notify me when updates are ready now. I also declined to let it close the interface when updating this time and it seems to have updated correctly now.

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                  Peter M

                  I quite understand your frustration.  Well at least it worked.   I was going to suggest using the Virtual Technician as sometimes it fixes problems by itself.


                  If you ever need it it's here:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


                  So are you OK for now?

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                    I ran the mvt tool earlier when I had the problem and it came back as all clear and working.


                    It's seems ok for now but I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes, thanks for your help.

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                      Peter M

                      Sometimes updates seem to get stuck, not sure why.  I've seen that sometimes too and I'm lucky enough to have an ultra high-speed connection.  It's as if it suddenly disconnects from the server.   I suspect the problem is at the server end at McAfee.

                      Anyway, it's solved for now so good luck ;-)