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    Users getting "unknown user" in pre-boot despite log/ePO showing otherwise


      My organization is in the process of transitioning from Endpoint Encryption 5.x to ePO. Right now we have about 200 users/machines moved to ePO 6.x based encryption, but there are 4 users with a strange issue. Despite log files saying "Found new (unprocessed) local domain user: \\domain\user" and seeing the user in ePO encryption users, these 4 still get the "Error EE050002 Unknown user." error when they try logging in. I've checked policies, they're all being enforced for both user and machine. I'm pulling my hair out because I can't find a single abnormal thing in common for those 4 users, and every time they reboot/restart they either need someone else to sign into pre-boot or they need a recovery done.