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    nervous newbie to update group shield


      So.. I'm atm. finishing my education as a java and mobile platform programmer.

      which to any regular person means I know everything about computers.
      My father is no exception, he runs a small company with 20 employees.. with each a personal computer and an exchange 2003 server with varius mcafee protections on it


      now they are facing this issue:


      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB53009&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1281618999307


      They need to update their groupshield on the exchange server.
      thats at et least what their usual IT technician told them was the issue, and he would love to come and help them

      it would only cost them 1800 euro.. or 3000 dollars. for him to show up.. and update mcafee and leave agai


      So he asked me if this was something I might be able to do, and while I know a little about exchange.. I have no idea if I can just update it

      like I would update my own antivirus by clicking a button, or I need to completely remove the old version and as such probably delete som customed settings.


      I really don't wanna do that.. so my question to you is.. if its not that easy. to update Mcafee Group Shield.
      could you maybe explain to me how i 'White list' a certain domain? .. cause all the mails they get blocked comes from the same @adresse.com ..


      regards Allan