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    DAT test environment with transfer to productive Systems after x days - best practices? Help?




      some may know now: I'm asking a lot of questions in the past few weeks. some more some less silly but here's another one...


      At this time there is no DAT- what so ever -Testing in our environment. We do have testmachines, also a testdomain but there is no such task like "testing the DAT Files for compatibility". I'm not really happy with this and would like to change this, wether or not I would have to stand up against some "old fashions Ways" like it is in my company. So, how do I accomplish this?


      My first thought was to build up the Master Repository (MR) (allready done, ePO 4.6.x), followed by Distributed repositorys ("DR-A" and "DR-B and more"). Updates from McAfee http/ftp at Estimated time of Arival of new released DATs via Server Task


      DR-A is for testing Domain

      -will pull DATs from MR at estimated time of Arrvial of fresh released DAT-Files (for example: 18 till 20 o'clock) via Server Task

      -will push DAT-Files to all dedicated testmachines - (till 12o'clock of the next day in a moderate frequency, once or twice an hour)


      "DR-B and more" is productive Domain

      -will pull DATs beginning at 16o'clock from DR-A via Server Task with E-Mail Notification for "DAT Update complete/succesfull"

      -will push DAT-Files through out the productive Domain until the next morning 12o'clock

      -for Systems which can't be reached in time there would be another Pushtask with criterie "Dat older than x-versions



      What I want to accomplish is a minimum testing period of one day for new released DAT's before updating the productive environment. Is there a more common way then the above? Or a more logically? I'am not sure wether or not it can be accompished within one ePO in putting the new DAT in the testing tree, deplying them to specific Server and Workstations and automatically put this DAT one day after into the current tree.


      Please feel free to ask for further informations or if anything is way out of sense due to my perfect english don't hesitate in "bothering" me *laughs*



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          How about the following:


          Pull the dats today into the evaluation repository branch.

          Have a test group of machines get their updates from the evaluation branch.

          Have everyone else get their dats from the current branch.


          When you are happy the dats in evaluation are good, move the dats to the current branch.




          The update branch used by a machine is controlled by the agent policy so it's really easy to manipulate.

          In your case you would perhaps pull today's dat into the evaluation branch and then move yesterdays dat from evaluation to current giving you the one day test period.


          There is even a server task action available called "Change the branch of a package" specifically for the purpose of moving or copying packages around between repository branches.

          You can use that to schedule the move of the dats around between branches as needed.

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            Good morning,


            I must have missed that Server-Task I admit. Or I was looking in the Tasks for ePO 4.5 where there is no such a task. Thanks a lot for pointing this out to me. Now and with a feel of  relief I can face the end of the Maya calendar