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    Add Second IPS in Single Path


      Currently I have a single IPS 4050 in production installed with Fail open kit and now I want to add another IPS but in single path scenario, anyone can help how  can add the second unit?

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          any ideas please

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            I think this probably belongs in the Business section - most likely


            Business / Network Security / Network Security Platform (NSP, NIPS, NAC, NTBA)


            - so I've moved it out of Security Awareness into that location.


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              please some one help, i need this info urgently..


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                We would need more information on what your goals are to be able to correctly advise you.  I see you mentioned a single path.  This is the least common scenario.  Are you looking for redundancy?  Do you have two firewalls that have failover capabilities?


                I recommend reviewing the high availability section of the device administration guide.  It's available as PD23848 at kc.mcafee.com.

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                  first thanks for your reply.


                  Yes its a single path deployment because my network has one path only, and looking for sensor redundancy only, i know this least scenario but what to do this is the req, please i have both unit now but not able to connect them, below is summary of what i did


                  1- connect the outside network to FOK "outside port"

                  2- connect the inside network to FOK "inside port"

                  3- connect the outside monitoring port of the FOK to port 3A "sensor1"

                  4- connect port 3B"sensor1" to port 3A "sensor2"

                  5- connect port 3B"sensor2" to the FOK "inside port"

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                    PD23848 available at kc.mcafee.com has a section on "redundant sensors on a single path" on page 191.  This is simlar to what you will want.  I don't thing putting the two sensors stacked with a single fail open kit around them will be very successful.  You should have 2 fail open kits if you truly want redundancy and fail open.