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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever lights your tree!


      I wanted to wish everyone a very merry holiday and a propserous, less stressful, healthy New Year filled with an abundance of love and cherished moments.


      I also want to thank the Moderators Ex_brit, Hayton, and Peacekeeper (are the ones I am most familiar with but speak for all) for their dedication and valued knowledge to get us through yet another year and provide us with knowledge so that we may do for ourselves.


      People are quick to release negativity and I for one want to promote the goodness in people. No one is perfect, nor do they know everything but these moderators do their best to help us day to day and are giving of their precious time to provide quality information to help make our lives a little easier and safer. So thank you for your generosity, it does not go unnoticed. You are the best!!!


      Blessed wishes this holiday season



      PS... the world will not end tomorrow and you will need to continue to work on, so get up and get moving.