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    version 12.1


      the new version 12.1 consumes more ram(in task manager 190.000KB) than the 11 on all mcshield.exe. the  interface is better and in general also do

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          Peter M

          You don't mention your OS and service pack but whatever it is make sure everything is up to date, including any parts you may not use, IE for instance if you use another browser (and all the add-ons) plus make sure drivers and firmware foir your hardware are up to date too.

          If the problem persists uninstall using Control Panel > Programs, then run the MCPR cleanup tool; reboot and reinstall from your online account.  Sometimes a software upgrade results in conflucts, and a cleanup usually helps.

          Over time hopefully it will settle down anyway.

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            windows 7 pro 64 bits servicepack1 intel core 2 cuad 2.7 and 8 g de ram

            first install from my account on the previous version but had problems and then uninstall from control panel and use MCPR I did a clean Installation Do. internet explorer 9 and firefox 17(default browmser).i have all drivers,firmware etc update


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              Peter M

              As McAfee uses IE regardless of default browser settings make sure IE is up to date and all its add-ons are the latest (Java, Shockwave, Flash etc.).   No need to set it as default.


              I just checked mine and it's only using 129000k memory and zero CPU so am wondering if it's best for you to contact Technical Support perhaps if it bothers you.  It's free and available by phone or online chat - see Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                .ie up update and all addons. you mcshield consume129000 ? is too much( my mcshield is 130000-160000 and cpu 0 in normal) .previus version consumed less.

                gold is now also process more McAPE.exe


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                  Peter M

                  Well I'm not too worried about it, but then I have lots of RAM.  If it gets worse or affects performance then contact Technical Support.

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                    I'm not worried,i have too much memory  but is a obsevacion..  seems normal in this new version thank you

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                      Peter M

                      Yes and thanks for posting it.   I know that McAfee support is aware of it.   Good luck ;-)