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    VSE 8.5 to 8.8 upgrade


      I have a handful of geographically dispersed VSE 8.5 installations, yes, I know, 8.5!, that I want to upgrade to VSE 8.8.  Can this be done thru the ePO?  I'm receiving the error "Can't get the product catalog for VIRUSSCAN8800".   When I try to push VSE 8.8 using a client task.  I currently run ePO version 4.5.  Thanks, in advance!


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            What version of agent are you using? I have seen a case where it was failing with the same message with agent 3.6.x. Please upgrade MA 4.x then try upgrading the VSE.


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              Thanks for the response.  Actually we are running the latest 4.6 agent on all our endpoints.

              Troubleshooting the problem,  I modified the client task to first remove 8.5, then install 8.8 with no change to the error, "Can't get the product catalog for VIRUSSCAN8800".  I also manually upgraded an 8.5 workstation to 8.7 and ran the same task, changing the remove 8.5 to 8.7 with no change.  My next thought is to re check in VSE 8.8 to see if the install package is some corrupted;.

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                You may also want to verify that these systems whether these Agents are telling the truth. You should be able to tell which repository they are attempting to get the catalog from, and then you can manually verify that the content is indeed there.


                Also, very frequently, people will setup tasks to pull new content into their master repository, and then fail to replicate those changes out to the remaining distributed repositories. When that happens, no updates will succeed, even if the requested content is there and current.


                When in doubt, replicate and try again.