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    Scanning problems



      I've been experiencing problems since the last update a couple of days ago.  My full scan takes literally about 3 minutes to complete, which surely cannot be right, and when I try a custom scan, i get the "An error has occurred" message.  I've tried the Virtual Technician, as well as a re-install combined with MCPR, but to no avail.  These seem to be the only issues.  I'm running WIndows XP Hom Edition Version 2002 and service pack 3.  Can anyone help?


      Noticed that the right--click scan is completing far too quickly, too - not sure any of my scans are actually scanning anything.


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          To check this issue, first we need the version details of McAfee


          Open McAfee > Go to About at the right top > Get the below versions


          McAfee Security Center :

          McAfee Virus scan :

          DAT version:

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            Hi, Karthik,


            thanks for replying.


            McAfee Security Centre: 12.1

            Anti-virus and anti-spyware: 16.1 (I'm guessing this is the same as Virus scan)


            There is no listing for the DAT, though!  Is there another way to find it?

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              In 12.1 version we will not see the DAT version, alternatively you have Engine version and creation date of it.  Please update me the all the versions under McAfee Antivirus and Spyware.


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                Also check the DCOM Server Process Launcher service is set to automatic in the Service control manager window (services.msc)

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                  The DCOM Server Process Launcher looks like its set to automatic.


                  I wasn't sure if you meant all the data under the Anti-virus and anti-spyware section or all the different section versions, i.e. Firewall, Siteadvisor, etc, so I've included both:


                  Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware:

                  Version: 16.1

                  Build: 16.1.144

                  Last Update: 03/01/2013

                  Engine version: 1393.0

                  Creation date: 02/01/1013


                  Firewall: version 13.1

                  Siteadvisor: version 3.5

                  Anti-spam: version 13.1

                  Parental controls: version 14.1

                  Online backup: version 4.1

                  Quickclean and Shredder: version 12.1

                  Vulnerability scanner: version 2.1

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                    Run the below McAfee Preinstall Tool and run the McAfee scan to check the Issue

                    http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe


                    If issue persists,


                    • Open Internet Explorer – click tools from the top – Click internet options
                    • Under advanced – click Reset
                    • Close all windows and then try to run a scan


                    If issue persists,


                    • Shutdown the Computer
                    • Check for the key “F8”  in your keyboard
                    • Start tapping the “F8” after turn on the computer
                    • Check whether you are getting the windows boot options screen
                    • Select “ Safe Mode with Networking ” using keyboard arrow keys and press ENTER
                    • Wait for the files to Load and login to the user
                    • Try to run a scan in safe mode and update me on the status


                    If still issue persists,


                    • Click on start > Click on Start  and go to accessories
                    • From the selections - Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
                    • On the CMD window – type the following & press the enter key accordingly then check it is getting succeed or fails
                    • Regsvr32 jscript.dll and press enter
                    • Regvr32 vbscript.dll and press enter
                    • Regsvr32 scrrun.dll and press enter


                    Check and remove if there exists any other security software in control panel.  Navigate through  C:\Program files & common files – Check and remove if you have remnants of any other security software Delete temporary files & cookies from your PC. Reboot the PC and try running a scan again.


                    Please update me the Outcome

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                      I tried nearly all the suggestions with no luck, but I did notice that real-time scanning was off and wouldn't come on in safe-mode, is that normal?


                      The only one I haven't tried is checking the .dlls, as I when I try to 'Run as' there isn't an option to run as administrator - is this something I have to do in safe mode?  I only tried in normal mode.


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                        In Safe mode you can’t turn on the real time scanning, it will be disabled, so no worries


                        Since you are using XP, you no need to use Run as Admin, directly open the command prompt and type Cd C:\Windows\System32 and hit ENTER

                        Then type the dll files and check it

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                          Checked them and they all succeeded.  You originally had one of the dlls as 'Regvr32 vbscript.dll' I'm guessing you meant 'Regsvr32 vbscript.dll' as the command prompt didn't recognise it without the added 's'.  EIther way they all checked out.  I hope we're narrowing the problem down!

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