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    Converting XML Policy files to a word or Pdf doc

      I am trying to convert  XML Policy files to a word or Pdf doc



      (1) Open the XML file in "Notepad": Open "Notepad" File Open... browse the XML file you want to open click "Open".

      (2) Hit Ctrl + A to select everything in the document.

      (3) Hit Ctrl + C to copy everything.

      (4) Open "Microsoft Word". Make sure that all the options in Word are set to the defaults.

      (5) Go to "Edit" in the file menu "Paste Special".

      (6) Scroll down to the "HTML Format" option and click on it. This will paste the XML over to the document in its natural form.

      (7) Save the document as a .doc file.


      ALSO  I tried using Excel but it covert`s about 60% with a lot gobble **** at end

      Any suggestions ?