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    "No Data Available", then "Login Failure with Exception SSO Cache Miss for Random"

      I have an oddity that has not been addressed - when I login to Total Protection Service, I get "No data available" in my "SaaS Vulnerability Scanning/PCI Certification frame".  My only choice is to click on "Click here to configure". This spins for a few seconds and takes me to a screen that simply reads: "Login Failure with Exception SSO Cache Miss for Random" and the option of Back.  Nothing else.


      Licensing paid in full up until late next year, so there is no reason I should even be seeing "No data available" (and as you all as users of this service know, that's a very disconcerting thing to see).  I have also cleared my cache, rebooted (I'm using a Mac) and have used both FF and Safari with the same results.


      I have contacted "technical support" on the portal (which by the way, doesn't ever respond to ANYTHING I put in the system).  So I'm reaching out to the community here to help.  I have also contacted my sales rep and a McAfee contact - but no one has replied.