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    Firewall scan




           Any recommand to do with Firewall check, I mean what can we do Vulnerability manager with firwall check.

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          Hi Tony,


          I'm sorry, I don't understand the question?  Are you asking what sort of Vulnerability Checks MVM has regarding firewall(s)?  You might be able to search for the word "firewall" in the Scans Vuln Selection, Search By feature.  There you will notice quite a few different types of firewall checks, like:


          Barracuda Spam Firewall Information Disclosure and Shell Command Injection

          Checkpoint Firewall-1 Authentication Server Format String

          Kerio Personal Firewall Admin Service Detected

          Raptor Firewall Accepts Telnet Connections

          StoneGate Firewall Client Authentication Detection

          Cisco IOS Firewall Application Inspection Control Denial Of Service Vulnerability

          etc. etc.


          If that's not what you're asking, can you please clarify the question.




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            Hi Cgrim


               thank you for the answer. I have been scan the firwall already. Buy the question is I feel the report only have few vulnerability, How can I config the VM to make find out  more vulnerbility in the firewall or other?