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    Mcafee agent update to - how?


      Hi there.

      It's me again


      Downloaded and checked in Mcafee 4.6 with patch 3 (MA460P3WIN.ZIP) into our EPO 4.6 console.

      Clients currently have version

      If I go to EPO --- SYSTEM TREE --- Select 1 agent --- Actions --- Deploy Agents, Force Installation over existing version and magically watch what will happen in server task I recieve FAILED.

      Is there any more user friendly message in new EPO beta version, because simply one word FAILED without any extra information is not quite helpful?

      Well, the idea is how to achieve the upgrade from Mcafee Agent for Windows client version from to 3122? Any magical tricks?


      p.s. - And another thing, is there only patch 3 available for download and not Mcafee agent with patch3 included ZIP file? I haven't find it on Mcafee My Product downloads... we are gold partner.


      With best regards


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