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    Best way to distribute Viruscan updates to a small number of PC ?

      Hi everyone


      I'm new in  MacAfee solutions.

      I'm in charge of a project where  VirusScan is mandatory. The  platform contains 2 W2008 servers and 8 PC running XP.  The PC are protected by VirusScan. The whole platform is not connected to Internet due to severe security constraints (but we need  VirusScan because some external data are entered by CD). I'm looking for a "light" solution to update each Viruscan instance every week from sdat files, without operator intervention other than copying tne sdat file in a share of one W2008 server. Something like the following process


      1) getting the sdat file from MacAfee site

      2) copying the sdat file to a share in the platform

      3) on each PC, setting a planned task running every week that updates VirusScan, without operator intervention.


      Can it be done and how ? ( I cannot  use ePolicy Orchestrator.)


      Many thanks for your replies


      Pierre (France)