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      Hello all!

      As title really.


      In the EPO web console, the DAT and Engine version aren't displayed.  These two version fields are blank.


      When I look at the machine's C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\Engine folder, the 'avvclean.dat' and 'avvnames.dat' are a few hundred kilobytes in size (I was expecting several megabytes) and often the 'avvscan.dat' file is missing.  The 'mferuntime.dat' file is zero kilobytes. I was expecting 100MB+


      To try to remedy the problem I disabled 'Access Protection' on the client, stopped the McAfee services and copied the .dat files from a working machine running the same Agent and VSE versions.  In some cases once the McAfee services are restarted, this rectifies the issue, the correct DAT and Engine versions show up in EPO.


      Does anyone know a better fix or the cause of this problem please?


      Thank you in anticipation!