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    Manual Decryption of EEPC for EPO is unacceptable still.

      It seems like I keep running into this issue over and over again with McAfee.  That is, when i use a disk to remove EEPC, and you have to know that things are that bad if I have to use the disk, I have to wait  days to decrypt a machine.  The answer I get, which is sort of explainable, is that McAfee is using DOS and not the full power of the processor to decrypt the machine, and this is due to Microsoft not allowing you all to use Windows without a license for using the full power of the OS.


      What I find unacceptable about this solution is that PGP doesn't seem to have this problem.  I have spoken with users using that and it takes just a few hours to decypt their machines with similar media (boot disk).  Therefore, I am not longer accepting McAfee's explanation on this whole licensing thing.  You as a company need to come up with a solution on this.  Waiting days for a computer to decrypt is frankly, stupid.

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