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    Update 17th Dec

      Hello, Mods/Community.


      I wonder if somebody could help me along with my issue concerning my update that took place, early this morning at around 2am of the 17th of Dec. As soon as the update finished I was asked would I like to reboot now, Or later. At that very moment I clicked "Restart Now" When returning there has been nothing but problems. For one. Before I start..I would just like to say that I have never had any problem what's-so-ever with this product and found it to be a, grade-A piece of software.


      The software as it stands on my computer is unresponsive, meaning when I click on the icon, it will not load up at all. Saying that..I have known it to respond on maybe once to every three/four restart. Again, powering it down on my own accord, to which the McAfee Internet Security splash screen will show, once I click on the icon. I would also like to add that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software twice, but with no prevail, using the MCPR.


      Secondly. when I attempt to restart the computer Or close it down, I will get a (Waiting for) explorer.exe Playing logoff sound, to which it will notify me with a "Force Restart" .It will then hang on the "Shutting Down, splash screen" and stay like that until' I manually shut the power.


      And thirdly..I have notice at randow times I will lose sound from the computer. With no sound at all.


      Any help to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated.


      Intel Quad Q9550 @ 2.83Hz

      4GB RAM

      Windows 7 Ult. 64 Bit.




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          Peter M

          Not sure what updated (on mine Siteadvisor updated yesterday, but SecurityCenter did upgrade to v12.1 about 3 days ago) but maybe it's best to contact Technical Support in this instance if things are so bad but first you need to get access.   It's frree and available by phone or online chat linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Is this Windows 7 SP1 and are you totally up to date, including IE9 etc.?


          Try booting into Safe Mode and then initiate System restore to before this happened.


          Reboot and immediately go into SecuritCenter and stop automatic updates.


          Then contact Technical Support and ask them for help.

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            Hello, Peter.


            Unfortunately there was no restore point, prior to this happening.  I would also like to add that Shockwave has stalled and crashed a few sites when browsing. Using Google Chrome & Firefox. Everything else is up to date.

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              Peter M

              Shockwave shouldn't cause that.  I have it and it works fine in all 3 browsers, IE, FF and Ch.   Maybe there is still infection present, runh Malwarebytes Free again - linked in my signature, bottom line.   If you want to be sure run Hijackthis also linked there and post its log on one of the recommended forums.

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                Appreciate the fast response, Peter...But I don't think that my computer is infected...On the two occasions that I have uninstalled, McAfee Internet Security, everything has been running along smoothly including shockwave and the sound, as well. But once I reinstall the sofware, the problems pick up again.  Also..When reinstalling the software half way through, there was incompatibility status that stated I must delete Malwarebytes, which was odd because I already had Malwarebytes previously.


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                  Peter M

                  It always warns about Malwarebytes but apparently now you can tell it to ignore that and it is supposed to carry on regardless.


                  Best to contact Technical Support then I guess.

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                    I have had nothing but problems since their last update a few days ago too.


                    White McAfee screen and the problem I have is that the automatic updates are turned off so I cannot update it either now as I cannot get into it!


                    I turned them off because everytime they updated automatically they were bringing my computer to a virtual standstill whilst it updated - bloody annoying when I was in the middle of something!


                    During that last update, a few days ago, it was still updating 12 HOURS LATER - I mean, what the hell??? I started the update off, went to work and when I came home after a full day's work, it was still updating, I left it for another two hours and then I cancelled the update because I was not able to easily work on my computer and the update didn't look like it was going to finish anytime soon either.  I put that down to a glitch somewhere.


                    The next thing I know, there were suddenly 17, yes SEVENTEEN, McAfee icons along the bottom of my screen, I restarted the computer a couple of times and then they disappeared.


                    I don't know what the hell happened, but I intend to remove McAfee and go with somebody else now.


                    I use Google Chrome as my browser.  Internet Explorer is 8, I changed to IE as my default browser but it didn't change anything McAfee-wise, unfortunately.

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                      Peter M

                      The white screen is due to jscript corruption.  Have you had any infection or have you used a registry cleaner lately?   Make sure Windows including all browsers installed and their add-ons, are totally up to date.


                      See the 'Blank' line near the bottom of my signature below.  Solution #1 in the link there usually cures the blank screen immediately.   There are other solution in that link too.


                      If the software is acting up, there's a reason for it and Technical Support will check free of charge as long as you are not infected with a virus.   They are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page, or through McAfee Support also up there, or right-clcik the taskbar icon > Get Help.    Often in such case they will advise you to simply uninstall all McAfee software via Control Panel > Programs then run the MCPR cleanup tool, also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page, then reboot and reinstall from your online account.