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    WebGateway 7.3 & WebReporter 5.2 - missing user in HTTPS




      I have setup webgateway 7.3 to send access logs to webreporter 5.2.

      Log import & reporting appears to be working correctly - there are no errors reported in log parser and all logs are completing 100% successful.

      The problem I have is that if https is used then there is no auth_user data shown.  I believe this is down to the way that webgateway is configured as if I check the access.log on the webgateway, there is no auth_user data whenever https is used.


      Currently only Handle Connect Call > Set Client Context is enabled in the SSL scanner rule set - would this be why there is no auth_user being logged?

      I have compared against a v.6.9 webwasher which I have been told does not have SSL scanner enabled however all the options under the SSL Scanner tab are checked such as certifcate verification/ scan encrypted traffic so it would appear that SSL Scanning is enabled.  There is also a custom HTTPS-Access log configured which uses the same fields as the access. log.  This is reporting on auth_users correctly.


      thanks for any help

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