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    Upgrading from SQL Express 2005 SP 2 to SP 3 (for upgrading ePO 4.5 to 4.6) getting problem

      Hi frnds


      First time I am posting my question onthis portal and requesting your help, thanks in advance


      I am trying to update ePO4.5 patch 4 to ePO 4.6


      So as a pre-request i took all backup necessary mentioned in installation guide


      ePO 4.6 needs SQL Express 2005 with SP 3 or 2008 with SP 2


      In my environment I have SQL Server Express 2005 with SP2


      So i have downloaded SP3 and tried to install


      But some problem arrising with SQL Sevrer Instance for which it says instance does not qualify


      So I cant install ePO 4.6 please do help me in this regard


      Operating system is Win 2k3 Std 32-bit




      Sukhadev SK