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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0.i - Slowness of a web based tool due to 'ScripScan'



      Here is the version of software I use:


      OS Windows 7 professional 32 bits SP1


      Antivirus:                                        VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0i

      Scan Engine Version (32 bits):          5400.1158

      DAT Version:                                   6838.0000


      Here is the problem I face:


      One of our patner has delivered us a tool based on HTML technology. This tool is installed on a machine called 'Client', and takes its data from an other machine that we'll call 'Server'. Both of the station used the same version of McAfee.

      This tool makes a refresh every 100s, and the screen becomes white and frozen during 6s. Then, we are able to work with the tool.


      When we disable 'ScriptScan' tool in McAfee, the tool reacts better, as the screen is not white anymore. It rebuilts its display, and takes 5s to appear which is quite good. Still, the 'Server' embeds almost the same tool but it contained less functionality. And when a refresh occurs on this tool, the display is rebuilt istantantly.


      Which means that I could even improve the situation on the client, but how? Which configuration should I use as I don't want to disable 'ScritpScan' funcionality.