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    Trust a web site

      How do I set up a trusted web site? I can no longer access the wells fargo signin page.

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          Sorry but you are a bit vague on details.  Is this a SiteAdvisor thing, where it's sending you to a warning page, or you simply can't get the page to load?


          Is this 'wells fargo' the bank's webpage or what?  if it''s https://www.wellsfargo.com/ I have no problem going there at all.


          Also what browser are you using, name and version please.










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            I'm using Firefox 17.0.1 AND IE 9.0 and the wells fargo web site opens on both but I CANNOT access the web site to get into it. I even went in aon my wifes PC and changed the password and still no access. NO problem getting online from my wifes PC. I even added the web site to my  "Trusted" web sites and STILL cannot access the accounts.


            I contacted Wells Fargo support and they state it is an issue between Comcast and Wells Fargo, but Comcast (Xfinity) denies any problems. This has been going on now for 2 weeks and they cannot locate the problem?


            Coulkd it be something else on my laptop that is blocking the web site? I've used this web site for years with no problem until 2 weeks ago.


            I use McAfee for anti virus and it states the site is safe.


            I'm totally lost.

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              I had no problem going to what I assumne is the site you are talking about.  I can only assume that you need Java and/or Adobe Flash installed to access it.  Do you have those listed in your browsers' add-on list?   If not please install them from HERE and HERE.   With the second liunk uncheck McAfee Security Scan Plus, you don't need that.  That has to be done for all browsers you have installed.  If you have old versions of Java and Flash that aren't working go to Control Panel/Programs and uninstall those first.


              Other than that all I can suggest is you contact Technical Support.  It's free by phone or online chat and tell them you can't reach a certain website, but you'll have to give the URL of that website which you still haven't done here.  Technical Support is linked via Useful Links at the top of this page.


              Or, a remote chance, you are signed in as a limited user in Windows and someone has instralled Parental Controls which restricts certain sites.  Support can troubleshoot that.

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                Try the steps suggested by peter sure it will work, if it doesn’t work please post the screen shot of the About Internet Explorer screen, you can open it from the help option which is at the top of the Internet explorer page.

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                  This may not be the cause of the problems alanna4 is having in signing on to their Wells Fargo account, but there was a report from the Russian company Group-IB earlier this week that there is specific malware targeting customers of Wells Fargo, among others.


                  At the time, Denis Maslennikov, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky, said via email that the company's researchers have not yet seen Carberp variants targeting banks that are not located in Russian-speaking countries. However, according to Group-IB, that might not be the case for long.


                  Group-IB has reliable information that the Carberp creators are developing and selling custom "Web injects" -- scripts that define how banking malware interacts with targeted websites -- for the sites of major North American banks like Wells Fargo, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, TD Bank and others, Andrey Komarov, Group-IB's head of international projects department, said Monday.


                  The Carberp creators are selling custom versions of the malware with Web injects that target specific banks, Komarov said via email. "We have samples of Carberp Web injects for banks in U.S. and Canada."


                  What that means is that Wells Fargo customers should be aware of the possibility that their online interactions with their bank may be compromised. If in doubt alanna4 should get the latest updates and run a McAfee scan. It might also be an idea to download McAfee's Rootkit Revealer just in case, given the report earlier this year that Carberp had (then) the ability to bypass or disable most antivirus products - which implies rootkit or bootkit capabilities.


                  https://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/carberp-banking-trojan-goes-commercial-adds-b ootkit-and-40k-price-tag-121412


                  Once again, this threat may not be responsible for alanna4's Wells Fargo login problems. But ... you never know. It might be.

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                    alanna4 in which case you may want to try RootkitRemover and Stinger and even Malwarebytes Free, all linked in my signature, last link.

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                      Hi alanna4,


                      You can also try the McAfee Scan to check for viruses adding to peter’s steps