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    Security Center and white box

      I have been following here and doing online searches for this very frustrating phenomenon and have proceeded trying all suggestions including from this page http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS101233&lang=en_US&prior_tid=2&An swerID=16777217&turl==http%3A%2F%2Fkb.mcafee.com%2Finfocenter%2Findex%3Fpage%3Dc ontent%26id%3DTS101233%26actp%3Dsearch%26viewlocale%3Den_US.


      Nothing is working! I have chatted with McAfee support twice and have uninstalled (with clean removal using the tool) and reinstalled McAfee three times now...still the white box.


      I am using Windows 7 and after finding out that I didn't have Service Pack 1 installed had to manually install it. I use McAfee through our internet provider Cox Communications.


      This all started when my real-time scanning started having issues shutting down and not staying on. I removed McAfee then and reinstalled it, thus began the white box issue and has been one ever since. My computer seems to show that McAfee is working and doing what it does, I just have no control over anything.


      Along with this issue my gadgets stopped working properly too (not sure if this could be tied in or not)


      I also have Iolo System Mechanic 11.5 installed on my computer and although didn't have issues previously, wondered if these two programs conflict.


      Any ideas of what other steps I could take to rectify this situation? Getting very frustrated. My wife's laptop uses McAfee as well and she has not experienced any problems.