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    Security Ctr blank white screen after windows update Vista 32


      Hi Folks,


      After a Windows update yesterday my McAfee security center comes up as a blank white screen. I went to virtual technician to try to get a fix and that also comes up as a blank white screen.


      I then went to live chat  and the tech took over my desktop and found this to be an IE issue. I asked him if I uninstalled IE and then re-installed if this would fix this. He said yes it should.


      I uninstalled IE and re-installed.....Sec Ctr is still a blank white screen.


      I have searched the posts before I came here writing this and there seems to be a fix where you unzip something. I don't really know what that means however I tried that and couldn't get that to work for some reason.


      FYI .....I have Vista 32, and I use Firefox exclusivlely as a web browser.


      One big question is ....even though I have the white screen, is McAfee still getting updates and protecting my computer or is it not working because of this?


      Thanks for any help or direction