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    McAfee's SiteAdvisor browser plug-in not working through the Bluecoat proxy

      Problem Description


      Users running McAfee's SiteAdvisor may report issues when going through a ProxySG doing authentication.





      This plug-in doesn't support authentication so when it is challenged to provide credentials by the ProxySG, it will stop working. The workaround this issue is to add a rule to bypass authentication for the user-agent "SACore" either by adding a rule in the Visual Policy Manager (VPM) or by adding the following code to the local policy file




      request.header.User-Agent="SACore" authenticate(no)



      It's also necessary to ensure that access to the site "siteadvisor.com" is not blocked by a rule of the Bluecoat proxy.


      Despite adherence to these recommendations, it's possible that the plugin doesn't work  if a proxy address is need and set in the option "LAN settings" under the "Connections" tab of Internet Explorer. In this case, make sure the option "Automatically Detect Settings" is unchecked from this same options tab of Internet Explorer.


      Otherwise, the plugin will attempt to automatically detect the proxy and if it fails, it stops without going further. It will ignore the proxy address indicated under "Proxy Server" in the "LAN settings" from the "Connections" tab of Internet Explorer.


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