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    login problem on eepc

    Nishant Shah

      Hello Guys,


      i have a strange problem with 1 user. he is an admin and we add him into every laptop we issue to users. he is unable to login into pre-boot on any of the machines while all the other users assigned are able to login fine. his windows account is fine as he is able to login into AD (as well as the epo server) but at preboot he always gets a token authentication parameters are incorrect. im sure he is typing the correct password as he cant get his password worng on all machines.


      are there any log files i can refer to to see what is happening. BTW. we are on epo 4.6 and running eepc 6.2. Most of the laptops are windows xp while we have a few windows 7's.


      thanks in advance.



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          Can they login ok after doing a password reset on on machine? If so then absolutely they were typing the wrong password.



          Remember changes are replicated between machines, so if they changed their password on one machine, it will get changed on all others as they talk to EPO.

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            Nishant Shah

            Hi Safeboot,


            the problem is only with 1 user. also, he has not changed his windows password recently and he cannot login into any of the laptop's. We havent tried to reset his account on any of the laptops yet. what i was wondering is, if i do a user recovery for his id on 1 laptop, will it resolve the issue on all laptops. i just checked my policy and we have not set the user expire option. any other guess?



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              If his password changes on one machine, it will get sent up to EPO and then down to all other machines when they sync.

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                Nishant Shah

                Hi Safeboot,


                im not sure if i explained the problem properly. lemme re-iterate the issue.


                1) we have an admin user who is assigned to all laptops in the enctyption users in epo (we have 3 such users in addition to the user who uses the laptop).

                2) this admin user i am talking about (lets call him a) is unabe to login into any of the laptops with eepc (he has tried his domain password as well as the default password)... the other 2 admin users (say b and c) are able to login perfectly... the main user (the domain user of the laptop.. lets say e) is also able to login fine.

                3) sometimes we recieve the laptops for new software installation / repair etc and the admin has to login to make the changes.

                4) admin a is unable to login into any of the laptop at pre-boot. hence has to get help from admin b and c.

                5) one more thing i noticed today, we did a reset to password token for the user a for 1 laptop and he was then able to login fine onto that laptop.


                hope i have made things more clearer. thanks for ur help.



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                  not really - it still sounds like your admin has forgotten his password :-)


                  Have you tried doing a pre-boot password reset for him? Did it not work?

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                    Nishant Shah

                    Hi Safeboot,


                    yes. we did try to reset his pre-boot password (admin recovery on the machine and user recover on the epo console). he was able to login into that laptop fine but not others. also, as i mentioned in the first post, we sync eepc with our AD for authentication and integration. he is able to lgin into AD fine without any problems. its only at pre-boot where he faces this issue.



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                      Remember that EEPC does not use the AD credentials - they may be the same, but they can be different. EEPC and AD keep their credentials entirely separate. Also, it will take some time for the machine he changed his password on to reflect that to EPO, and for other machines to pick that up from EPO - depending on your settings that could be many hours.


                      I am suspecting it's all working as expected.

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                        Nishant Shah

                        Thanks Safeboot. That does help. I will keep you posted if i observe some other problem