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    music files album art

      ive a vast collection of music files on pc untill recently   all albums and folders had album art on them .in the past few months EVERY time ive run a virus scan using the mcafree that comes with my sky tv/broadband  subscription  all the album art  vanishes and i have to sit there for hours reapplying them painstakingly going to each folder right clicking -customize-restore original folder etc. at first time  the album art vanished after a virus scan  i thought it was a coincidence it can not be its happened four times now

      these music folders are from my own ripped cd collection so they are virus free why has mcAfee anti virus took upon itself to clean things that do not need repairing.

      some may say this is trivial  to me its a great annoance im very OCD about  my music and its ruining my enjoyment that rather then having the covers of my favourite albums staring back at me when ever i go to my music i have brown plain envelopes

      whats going on?

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          You can exclude the folder in custom and scheduled scans but not in full scans or real time scans. Maybe send a file to mcafee via



          When they reply reply to the email changing the subject to false +ve and name of detection. Add why you think it is so and say you have many files being picked up like this.


          post back with your analysis ID number and see what happens. If no solution in  7 days I will stir a lab tech up.